Miss Victorian Scholarship Program


Congratulations to the 2016 Miss Victorian Winners 


Gillian Jones – Miss Victorian

Callie Reid – First Runner Up

Lyndsey Johnston – Miss Photogenic

Taylor Godfrey – Miss Congeniality

Kylie Breining – Miss Above & Beyond

Pictures courtesy of Lori Sober



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Miss Victorian 2015

2014 Miss Victorian

2014 miss victorian









2013 Miss Victorian

2013 miss victiorian


Bronwyn Gilmore – Miss Victorian 2013
Brittany Fabbri – Miss Runner Up
Faith Auten Miss – Photogenic
Alexandrea Beck – Miss Congeniality
Isabella Huizar
Kelsey Heavlin

The next program will be held August 6, 2014 7PM located at the Ogemaw Heights High School


2012 Miss Victoria and her Court




History of the Miss Victorian Scholarship Program

The Miss Victorian Program has been in existence since 1994.  It has gone through many changes over the years, but one goal has remained the same almost since the beginning, the program’s idea of providing college scholarships for local young woman.

When the program started back in 1994, the contestants sold firecrackers and the one who sold the most firecrackers won the title of Miss Victorian West Branch.  The Downtown Merchants provided prizes for the winners.

In 1995, an interview was added to the program.  The merchants of “Off the Beaten Path” did the interviews which counted for 70% of the young ladies’ scores.  Ballot boxes in local stores made up the remaining 30% of the scores to decide who would be Miss Victorian 1995.  The prizes for this year included a $200.00 scholarship.

In 1996 the Business and Professional Women’s (BPW) organization took over the program and it became a true scholarship program.  This was the first year that the court came together and put on a presentation for judges, including talent, to vie for the title of Miss Victorian.  The BPW handled the program through 1999 when they decided that they were unable to continue to present it.

In 1999, with the help of the Downtown Merchants and the Chamber of Commerce, the new Miss Victorian Scholarship Program Committee was able to get organized and keep the program going.  The year of 1999 was spent fund raising for the scholarships and past Miss Victorians and Courts stepped in to help with the fundraising and to continue representing our Community.

Over the years, there have been additions and changes to the program to keep it up-to-date and thriving.  To be involved in the program today, the candidates must live in or go to school in Ogemaw County.  They will fill out an application, write a 500 word essay telling who they are and why they hope to win the Miss Victorian Scholarship Program.  They also need to write an introduction paragraph that can be put in the paper, supply a photograph, include their current GPA, and a $25 application fee, which they can approach a sponsor for.

The new court then begins working in May to create a program that will be presented to the public in early August.  During the summer they create an opening number as well as work on their talent and historical presentations.  Community Service is also a part of this program, with the current court making public appearances within the community throughout the year.

In early August, on the day of the actual program the girls meet with the judges to do a one on one interview.  They then have a luncheon with the judges and are free for the afternoon when they generally spend their time getting their hair done and taking care of any other last minute issues.

In the evening everyone gathers at Ogemaw Heights High School to watch the entire program which includes a group opening number, and then each contestant presents a their talent, a historical presentation on the history of Ogemaw County as well as their Victorian Gown.  This makes for a truly entertaining evening.

The Miss Victorian Scholarship Program Committee is extremely proud of each and every girl that is participating or has participated in our program.  One of the things that the current Committee is most proud of is the fact that, thanks to community support, each and every girl that participates yearly earns a scholarship.

We would like to proudly present the
Miss Victorian Court of 2012
Breanna Christine Schultz
Alexandrea Elizabeth Beck
Brittany Kayann Fabbri
Kelsey Amber Heavlin
Halley Marie Anthony
Kelsey Ann Horn
Danielle Elissa Weiler
Kali Anderson.