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Ogemaw County, Michigan is the home to the areas of Prescott, Rose City, and West Branch in Northeast Michigan.

Many know us as a place to visit “up north” but we are much more than a stop on I-75, M-33, or M-55. Although rural, our agricultural community features manufacturing, service, and hospitality industries, and offers services in workforce development and small business development for companies looking to start or expand.

Small Business Development

Michigan Small Business & Technology Development CenterThe reality of the new economy is that entrepreneurship and small business will be the driving force of job creation.

Ogemaw County supports local entrepreneurs and offers services to assist you.

Free and confidential small business assistance is available for new startup businesses and existing businesses through the Michigan Small Business & Technology Development Centers (MI-SBTDC) and Ogemaw EDC.  Individual meetings are held at days and times flexible to meet your needs.  Occasionally, no- and low-cost classes are held as well.

U.S. Small Business Administration & Michigan Economic Development CorporationToo often, we hear, so I heard that the government has free grant money for businesses? Or, a company has guaranteed me that they will secure grant money for me if I send some startup money to them.  Is this legitimate? Quite often the majority of questions asked about small businesses are regarding financing and grants.  Yes, financing assistance is available through SBTDC.  Unfortunately there is no such thing as free grant money, regardless of guarantees made.  These companies are legitimate only because they work within legal guidelines.  They use high pressure tactics or create a sense of urgency to get a business owner to commit to sending money but do not actually secure grant money.  For example, they say they will refund your $1,000 minus expenses incurred if you aren’t 100% satisfied.  So, when you complain they may tell you they have incurred $900 in expenses and send you back $100 and have done nothing to help you.  It’s unfortunate but has happened locally.  Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Download information about grant scams.

Our local lending institutions would be happy to meet with you and discuss financing and loan options.

Download “How to Write a Business Plan” for a workbook to get you started.

Visit for more information about SBTDC programs in the area.

Visit this website from the State of Michigan on business startups:

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